6-8 Weeks Project: Week 6

The title of this post makes me realize how soon Hayden Kate might be here!

I’m taking a photograph of Analiese each day until the new baby arrives to document our last 6-8 weeks as a family of three. Here is week 6:

You decided to not sleep during your nap today, which stressed your Mama out a bit since we made plans to go sailing on a friend’s boat in the evening. Despite your lack of sleep, you really enjoyed the boat ride after your initial melt down concerning the life jacket.

You have rediscovered the headbands Mama made for you when you were a baby and are really into accessorizing yourself. You also like Mama to sing you a song before bed. I stroke your hair and you point to your arms for me to stroke them, too. Just like Mama.

You are starting a new trend: leg stickers. These fun monkey ones are from Miss Marcie and Miss Hailey. Hailey played with you and gave you a bath while Mama and Daddy went to a birthing class in preparation for Hayden Kate’s arrival. You LOVE it when they come over.


You went over to Agathe and Margaux’s house this morning to play. What a fun start to your day! Then, our friend, Sally, took pictures of us as a family. You were such a natural model and very accommodating. We laughed every time you mimicked one of our poses.

No plans this morning, so we ran some errands. When Daddy was home, you practiced jumping and “getting” Daddy, where you run and jump onto him. We love hearing your giggles when you get tickled. You’re a funny girl, Analiese.

Today while you were going potty, you realized that your toes were painted, but your fingernails were not. Something had to be done about that. You looked in the mirror and said, “So pretty, Analiese!” Yes, you are, my dear. Love those piano fingers of yours.

Nana and Poppa are here for the weekend! We met them on our way to the concert in the park where we got ice cream and enjoyed the live blues band. Earlier in the day, we went to another park to play with friends while Daddy stayed home to oversee the carpet installation.

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  1. We’ve pretty much been moving since your documentation began…I just had some time to read through these posts. I’ve gotta say Analiese is just about the cutest little girl. I’m truly bummed I missed y’all in Atlanta. My highlights are the mothers day photo, singing to Whitney Houston & sticker legs. Seriously cuteness overload. I hope you’re feeling well. Thinking of you guys. Oh and I love the basement, when can I come visit?

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