6-8 Weeks: Week 7

I’m taking a photograph of Analiese each day until the new baby arrives to document our last 6-8 weeks as a family of three. Here is week 7:

Nana and Poppa got you a pool, pool toys and your own little beach chair! It was a beautifully warm day and you pretty much lived in the pool whenever you were awake. We made smoothies for lunch and grilled out for dinner. Great weather and yummy food!

You were so happy to see Nana and Poppa in the morning. We all went to church and then out to lunch together for Father’s Day. After you got up from your nap, you headed outside to go back in the pool again before Nana and Poppa went back to Ohio.

We tried a new hair style today because Mama couldn’t find your pony tail holder after your swim lesson. Up into a bun with bobby pins it went. It was so cute! We played with play-doh outside and had ice pops after dinner.

You make bedtime so easy! Lately, you’ve been so very accommodating to requests to start the bedtime routine: potty, wash face and hands, pick out two books to read with Daddy, potty again (yes, again), brush teeth, read Jesus Bible, call Mama in to pray and sing.

The basement is done and you have a new place to roll around with your toys. We took a meal to another family who just welcomed a new baby sister into their family, came home for dinner with Daddy and play time in the basement. You loved falling onto the mattress!

This morning we had a midwife appointment. The highlight for you is always the lollipop! Breakfast for dinner is a favorite in the Chasey household. We are especially fond of the Nutella mustache you always seem to have and how you ask to see it in the mirror.

We had a laid back morning because the evening was going to be quite exciting for you. We were invited to a friend’s pool where you got to play with toys on the steps and then do some swimming with Daddy. Pizza for dinner and homemade strawberry shortcake for dessert!

Mama and Daddy needed to do some work in the basement and you were able to join us down there! We introduced you to Barney. It brings back memories of having it on in the background when your Uncle Greg was young. Also, you are in love with bandaids.

You were happy when the dress Mama wanted you to wear to church this morning was too big–you really had your heart set on the striped one. We had smoothies at dinner and then went for a walk with your wagon so you could eat more and hold Lovie.

Mama asked Daddy to take some pictures of you in your bath because I hadn’t taken any yet today. He took 133 pictures! Many of them were of you practicing your sad face. You have the pouty lip down pretty well. You did great at your last swim class this morning!

You took a nice fall on the front porch while we were eating lunch today. Two bandaids were required, which immediately made everything better. This morning, you watched Dora downstairs and played with some toys after breakfast. I love hearing you answer Dora’s questions.

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  1. Can you believe you are going to have a second, equally as cute kid as this one?!? Amazing.

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