Analiese Takes a Little Fall

We decided kind of last minute to take a weekend trip to the lake. Hayden Kate has been doing well, we knew that Analiese would enjoy the water, and it was close to my Dad’s birthday. While this isn’t a comprehensive review of the weekend, we wanted to a share a short video clip that Heather captured.

This is after having some ice cream and cake to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday. Analiese was on a bit of a sugar-high and completely missed the step at the beginning of the dock. When watching the video, be sure to have the sound on and take heart, she’s was fine :)

And just to reassure you that she was okay, here’s video from about 2 minutes later.

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  1. So sweet! I think you can tell a kid really loves life when she gets so much joy out of a game like that… surely she’ll get the ball eventually!

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