Hayden Kate: 1 Month

Hayden Kate turned one month old yesterday. I had the pictures ready for a post, but somehow this mama of two didn’t get the words out in time to post until now. Hmm…so strange!

I love the idea of doing a cover photo of sorts. I used this “how to” (plus a little prior photoshop knowledge) for adding the image to her onesie. These pictures will be great for her photo book I create down the road.


Hayden Kate Chasey | 07.02.12 | 11:04 a.m. | 8 lbs. 2 oz.  22 in.

You had a big welcome to the family party at the hospital with visits from your Nana & Poppa, Gigi, and big sister, Analiese. Since bringing you home, we’ve introduced you to lots of friends and family. Aunt Katie and Uncle Erik made special trips just to meet you! You also made your big debut at church last weekend.

Your first outing was to see the 4th of July parade right around the corner from our house. It was a very hot day, but you didn’t seem to mind. In fact, you seem to welcome the warmth of summer.

In general, you are a sleepy baby. You were a textbook honeymoon newborn and slept great at night the first two weeks. Since then, we’ve had a few rough nights. But for the most part, you give us a few good chunks of sleep each night. It makes us realize what a precious gift sleep is to us…and you. You are already doing so much growing in that little body of yours!

While Nana was here, we spent a lot of time outside so sis could play in her pool.

We’ve taken a few walks downtown for a kids concert, the art fair, and the farmer’s market. We usually try to time those outings around a nap because you tend to sleep when you’re in the Ergo or swaddled up outdoors–so nice and cozy.

We took a somewhat impromptu road trip to the lake. Once again…sleepy, sleepy! The hum of the pontoon motor put you to sleep every time. We loved seeing your hair blow in the wind.

Which reminds me…you have a head full of hair and it’s brown! Perhaps this will change with time, but it’s just so different than that of your big sister’s. In fact, she didn’t really have any hair until she was well over one year! This is a good reminder to us that you are and always will be your own person. There will definitely be similarities between the two of you as you grow up, but we certainly shouldn’t expect everything to be that way. God has given us two beautiful and healthy girls that we love so much.

You’ve also taken to a pacifier pretty well, which surprised us only because Analiese never wanted one. I’m not sure how committed you or we will be to it in the long run. For now, it helps soothe you when you’re fighting sleep or you just need to suck on something.

Most recently, you started cooing a little bit and it is so cute! I wonder what your voice will sound like. I wonder all sorts of things about the person you will be. Right now, you’re a very blank slate with so many possibilities.

We pray for you daily, Hayden Kate. We pray for your heart and soul to be one that is attracted to the Lord–that you may taste and see His goodness. We pray for you and Analiese to be the best of friends. What a special bond you two will have as you grow. We pray that you are confident and show compassion towards others. We pray for wisdom, discernment and a forgiving and servant heart. We also pray for us as your parents and that we will live as your example in all of these things.

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  1. Hi chasey family! Loved the pictures. You all had a great time at the lake, especially with
    grandpa chasey, Anna liese and the fish line. We’d love to have some of the pictures.
    1. 1-month t-shirt, 2 cariage with Analiese and Hayden Kate, 3. HK wrapped in white,
    Analiese and HK in the car, and the family of 4 in the boat. thanks so much. Look forward to Oct. love, grandma

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