Hayden Kate: 2 Months

Dear Hayden Kate,

You are two months old and you have become a great sleeper!

As the month went on, the number of night wakings decreased to only one usually between 2-4 a.m. Not bad, right? Then, we had a few cherry-on-top nights when you didn’t wake at all until 6 or 6:30. And for the record, Daddy loses absolutely zero sleep at night. If you do wake, he has no idea and will ask me every morning how you did. I hope you and your sister sleep as soundly as he does! If you do wake, a quick feeding usually puts you right back to sleep and Mama sneaks back upstairs.

Naps are going pretty well, too, and although I know when you stir (right around that golden 45-minute mark), sometimes you put yourself back to sleep, which is awesome!

Before you were born, we looked forward to having a newborn during the summer because we figured it would be easy to go on walks and spend time outside. However, one of two things typically happen when we step outside into the humid, hot Michigan summer weather: 1. your skin breaks out or 2. you instantly fall asleep. The latter has been great for heading downtown to the Music in the Park on Friday evenings, but during the day, we’d much rather you sleep in your crib.

When you’re awake, you are being loved on by your big sister. She has her own way of saying “hello!” to you and has become a pro at putting your pacifier in your mouth when you need it.

You also hiccup like crazy! And you’ve started to show your gummy smile in response to funny noises or someone talking to you.

Mama loved having an extra set of hands for a few days when Kelsey stayed with us. She loved getting to hang out with you and Mama and Daddy loved getting a break for a few hours one night–first time away from you, babe!

Nana and Poppa came to visit, too. We had such a fun evening listening to music and passing you around to lots of loving arms as you tried to sleep.

We also went to a spray park while they were here. Analiese wasn’t too adventurous and we wonder if you will be a cautious one, too. If you are, your Daddy will be very happy.

It was Nana’s birthday, so we celebrated with cake! You were pretty into it. :)

As we end the month, we are enjoying all of your gurgling and cooing. Will you be a talkative little one?

You’ve become more aware of your hands, too–there’s a lot of sucking going on, but you haven’t gotten that thumb in there just yet. Will you be a thumb sucker?

So much to enjoy and so much to look forward to as you grow and change each day. We are blessed!

Love, Heather


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  1. Thankyou Heather for sharing with me. It really makes me happy to see how Analiese is

    growing into a lovely little girl (no more baby A) and how much you are all enjoying the girls, especially Nana and Popa. Did I get that right? Love Nana#1

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