Goodbye Summer

In July we finally made it to the lake for the first time of the summer. Sadly, it turned out that it was the last time too. This summer was a different one for us as we adjusted to having Hayden Kate in our family and prioritized sleep. Does that surprise you?

Of course, when we were there, Hayden Kate was only a few weeks new and “slept like a baby” anywhere we put her. The hum of the pontoon was so soothing for her and she was immediately zonked out once we got going. Plus, the warmer air made her all warm and cozy.

We thought about making another visit over labor day weekend, but decided to start painting our garage instead. Believe it or not, painting our garage was a lot less stressful to me than planning and packing for a weekend away. The lake, to me, is such a retreat. But right now, in this phase of life, it’s a lot of work to get everyone there and take care of everyone once we are there. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of very willing extra hands, as you will soon see in the pictures that follow. But the reality is, I’m the mom and a lot still falls on me, especially since I’m nursing Hayden Kate. And so, I look forward to enjoying a restful weekend at the lake next year when both girls are another year older and we can relax a bit more while we’re there.

Nevertheless, our visit this year had many great memories. Analiese has started to really play with things and with people. Her first order of business was making rock soup. This kept her pretty occupied and happy for quite a while. Grandpa and Ross were her water playmates for the weekend.

Love this girl!

Do you see those eyes?

We weren’t sure how she’d like wearing a life jacket, but she willingly put it on and wore it whenever we were outside. She loved driving the boat with Grandpa.

Analiese is such a curious one, always hoarding collecting treasures. A trip to the garage was an adventure for her. And she was thrilled to open a few “big sister” gifts from her aunt and uncle. She kept us all entertained with her stories and commentary about everything.

We also celebrated Grandpa’s birthday, which meant cake and homemade ice cream. Analiese has her daddy’s sweet tooth.

Ross and I actually did have some time to enjoy the weather and water while the girls napped. When we were still figuring out Instagram I took this photo with Ross’s iPhone with the caption: “My man.” Duh Heather…it went to his Facebook page. Oops. Watching him ski still makes me swoon. :)

And of course, we can’t forget this guy:

Parker loves the lake and his grandparents.

The rest of the summer was spent at home in Michigan. Analiese jumps from chalk to bubbles to balls to the pool to bikes to Daddy’s tools whenever we’re outside.

We stayed put, but we had some visitors. First, my brother, Erik, came to meet Hayden Kate. Mostly, though, he was Analiese’s playmate for the day, which she loved.

And most recently, Nana and Poppa came to Michigan. We went to a spray park for the first time which naturally meant that Analiese stayed as far away from the water as possible. She did like the play ground, though. Maybe next year…

So, we didn’t do as much traveling as we have in year’s past. But it was still a fun summer with lots of Friday night concerts with friends, out of town visitors, ice pops, the pool in the backyard and, of course, baby snuggling.

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  1. It is hard to believe summer is over….so glad you made it to the lake! It made Grandpa’s birthday very special. We always have fun seeing you all! It was certainly an eventful summer with Hayden Kate’s arrival:) A great summer for sure! Lots of fun events….now onto a great fall and wonderful holiday season!

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