The Garage

A few weeks ago, I posted this Instagram:

Your days are numbered, ugly red garage.

When this photo was taken, Ross had already taken off the shutters and rotting trim that was there. With the holiday weekend and his every-other-Friday-off work schedule, we had two three-day weekends to get ‘er done.

It required a lot of this:

some more of this:

…and even some of this:

Oh, and let’s not forget this:

Daddy’s little helper, dancing to some music and eating a graham cracker.

But we finally, had a garage that matched our house. Woohoo!

Before we get to some before and after shots, let’s revisit the very first picture we took of us in front of our house and the red garage peaking out from the back.

See, it wasn’t so bad when the house was brick. Before we even purchased the house, we knew the brick veneer had to go–it had begun to separate from the house. We had the exterior redone with Hardie cement board in Monterrey Taupe and the trim was done in rough sawn spruce wood in Behr’s Polar Bear white. So then, we were left with this:

And for the next three years, that red garage has bothered me! So, it is with so much gratitude towards my very accommodating and hard working husband that I present to you our new garage!

That’s just a teaser :)

Here are the before and after pictures…

From the back:

From the side:

From the front:

So much better. We discovered through some last minute (as in Ross was already at the paint counter at Lowe’s with a sample of our Hardie board in hand to be color matched) that Valspar makes the paint that our Hardie board was created with. The Hardie board itself has ridges in it, so we weren’t sure if the color matching scanner would pick up the right shade or if the shadows from the ridges would cause it to be slightly off. It was late on a Friday, so he had to return empty handed. The next morning, we went back to the store and had Lowe’s (who sells Valspar) call Valspar directly and get the exact match for Monterrey Taupe and had them mix it with the Duramax paint and primer in the satin finish. The trim is the same as the house trim, too. We also got a new door to match the side entry door to the house as well as matching light fixtures.

And we are now done with 2012 home improvement projects. Although, this nice backdrop could really use a patio or a deck, don’t you think?

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  1. You both did such a great job, it looks like a new structure! Awesome!!!! Bet it feels good to have it done!

  2. It looks just awesome. You both have done so much in 2012 – along with having another baby too! Now take it easy a bit and enjoy your beautiful home and family.

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