October Instagram Photo Dump

Analiese does a killer downward dog, doesn’t she? This picture is a little misleading, though. It implies that this is a regular occurrence in our house. That maybe she’s inspired by her yoga-crazed mama. Not so. This one morning back at the beginning of the month was the last time I’ve done yoga at home all. I’m longing to return to the gym, but haven’t ventured there with two kiddos just yet.

I love the idea of taking a monthly photo of Hayden Kate. I’m changing the backdrop each time, but keeping her in a standard white onesie. Analiese is my little helper, but she’s also very interested in playing with blue tape.

These next few are from out trip to New York for my cousin’s wedding. We stayed with my grandparents most nights, but decided to book a hotel for the night of the wedding. Princess Analiese had plenty of room to sleep.

All dressed up for a fancy wedding at the deSeversky Mansion. Two weeks before, my mom and aunt came to Michigan to go dress shopping. I found my dress on the clearance rack. $180 down to $30 plus 20% off. $25. Love a good deal.

Since all of our out of town family was together the next morning, we had brunch at the hotel. From there, some of us drove to Jones Beach to walk the board walk. For some, it was a trip down memory lane. For others, it was a new adventure of wave watching, running in the sand (with boots on), and she’ll collecting. Sidenote: It was devastating to see the Jones Beach Theater under water recently. We are so thankful that all of our east coast friends and family remained unharmed and have power again.

Staying at my grandparents’ house was nostalgic. We used to live close by and visited often. Holidays were spent in this living room. Not too much has changed since I was a kid. Except, perhaps, the volume on the tv. One evening Analiese announced to Ross, “The tv is LOUD!”

The house can also be very quiet and peaceful. One afternoon, my grandma brought out a set of dominos. And Analiese played an entire game with her, following her instructions on how to play. I was so impressed with her attention span and patience.

I took this picture because Hayden Kate seemed to have mastered the art of sucking her thumb. Her interest in it, however, was short lived. For weeks after, she didn’t even attempt it again. I’m indifferent to it. It really helped Analiese soothe herself to sleep, especially once she was out of her swaddle. But I know what a pain it’s going to be to break the habit.

My hair is finally long enough to pull off a top knot! I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited about it.

In preparation for Hayden Kate’s dedication, Analiese and I made baked apple cider donuts. She loves to pull the stool from our coffee room into the kitchen to help me cook. After each ingredient she asks, “What’s next?”

This photo caused a bit of confusion. Those are Analiese’s feet, not mine. The shoes are for her, not me. Knowing how much Ross loves gym shoes, I put him in charge of getting some for Analiese. Of course, he picked Jordans.

Our porch is usually festive thanks to Analiese’s two sets of grandparents. We got some funky grey and white ones with Gigi and then my parents brought the two little pie pumpkins. Carving them with Analiese seemed a little challenging, so I pulled out some tape, glue and glitter instead. Sadly, the rain washed most of the sparkles away a few days later. But they were pretty while they lasted.

I love warm fall days!

I wrote more about my adventures in custom piping here.

I decided to do Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) this year with the girls. It’s a lot of work and super stressful to get out the door and I worry about HK’s nap more than I should. But the depth of the study and the fellowship with other women is food for my soul. Once I’m there, I’m so glad to be there. Discussion groups are encouraged to get together before or after the study to talk about what God is doing in there lives. These get togethers are called fellowships. A friend of mine had a fellowship this week and asked if her son could come over while she was there. Analiese has never had a play date with a boy because almost all of the kids her age at church are girls. They bonded over play dough and had lots of giggle fits. It was cute and funny to listen in on their conversations as I cleaned up from lunch and did my mama thing with HK.

Happy Halloween! Yes, I dressed the girls up as cheerleaders for rival schools. Last year, before I was even pregnant, I picked these up at Wal-Mart for the sole reason that they were each $1. I didn’t even know if I would use them. If anything, I figured I could let someone else use them. They came in pretty handy this year since I just didn’t even think about making costumes this year. This is about as uncreative as I can get. Don’t worry, they are Hoosiers at heart.

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