2013 Pinterest Challenge: Winter Edition

Once I saw the announcement for the next Pinterest Challenge from Katie and Sherry (along with their other co-hosts, Megan from The Remodeled Life and Michelle from Decor & The Dog), I had one week to start and finish a project I had been wanting to do. Great motivation!


I’ve had this rustic wooden tray that I love (from a local home decor boutique in Indiana) for a while. It’s made its way around multiple rooms in our house, but with its curvy features (which add such character to a pretty basic wooden tray), it’s not very functional. It’s really meant as a strictly decorative piece. Unfortunately, when you have a small home, every inch must have some sort of functionality to it. Or at least that’s how I feel about it.


So, rather than have her (yes, she’s a curvy she) sit on a dresser or table somewhere not living up to its potential, I decided to hang ‘er up! But first, she needed a little pick me up in the form of some typography and paint.

I’ve seen loads of DIY painted signs floating through Pinterest:


{ Simply Klassic Home }

{ The Simple Standard }

{ House Tweaking }

Ross recently said that he’d like to see more scripture around the house and so I decided to paint the fruit of the spirit onto my wooden tray.

My first attempt at creating a template to trace completely failed because there is already a finish on the wood. So, after creating a design in InDesign, flipping it so it printed backwards, printing it, and painting over the back of the first word with water, I realized I had to come up with a different method. The ink just sat on top of the wood without soaking through at all.


Plan B. I always knew my Silhouette Cameo would be an option, but it would take a little more patience (ha…fruit of the spirit reference) and time. I used the same design from InDesign and just imported it into my Silhouette program, used the tracing tool, and sent it through the machine.


Once the letters were cut, I cut the paper in strips to make it a little easier to align the words on the curved wood and attached each word to the wood with tape.


And then I did some tracing:


The most time consuming part of the project was painting the letters. I just used some left over white interior paint and a small paint brush. And soon after the paint was dry, I lightly sanded over it to give it an aged look. I like to think she aged as gracefully as Helen Hunt. (Seriously, there are like zero wrinkles.)



Oh look! There’s another Pinterest-inspired project in the background!

My baby model would now like to show you how we hung it on the wall:


I am obsessed with these Command Picture Hanging Strips. No mess, no holes, no commitment. (What would Katie Bower cleverly say here?)

I’m joining the link party at YHL and Bower Power! So many great projects happened this week.

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  1. Um, kindof totally love the wooden bowl thingy that you did this on! It looks a bit time consuming, but totally fantastic and worth it! Baby model was impressive. :)

    1. Thanks, Megan! It really didn’t take too long from start to finish. It helped that I already had the tray versus constructing something from scratch. It really is a great piece. And I could totally revert it back to being a tray at some point…typography makeover and all. :)

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