Hayden Kate: 8 Months

8 Months

Dear Hayden Kate,

First of all, I debated about using this picture (below) as your cover photo this month because you gravitate towards this rocking chair and it was a huge distraction while we were taking these pictures. It’s really a finger crunching hazard and gets me all worked up when Analiese is rocking back and forth and you crawl in its direction. But, it’s also the perfect height for you to pull your little self up on and you LOVE to do that these days.

A few weeks ago, when Nana was here and giving you and Analiese a bath, she said that you went from sitting to standing for a split second all in hopes of reaching some of the letters Analiese had stuck to the wall. The next day we lowered your crib because, sure enough, you had started to pull yourself up!

DSC_0484 copy

I think you are happiest when someone is holding you:

DSC_0205 copy

…you are with your sister (We love how you entertain each other. Your adoration and love for each other is so apparent.):

DSC_0509 copy

…or when someone (or something) is helping you stand up. You are wanting to bounce and stretch your legs whenever you get a chance. Your squeals of delight are so so happy. They make us all smile and thank God for the blessing that you are.

DSC_0360 copy

DSC_0179 copy

But before we get too ahead of ourselves with end-of-the-month accomplishments, let’s talk about how you started to crawl earlier in the month! You are on the move! And your favorite place to go is this basket of plastic bags we keep on hand for collecting recyclables. It’s funny how your sister had the same attraction to those bags.

DSC_0076 copy

We celebrated Analiese’s third birthday with Gigi and Grandpa. Gigi enjoyed feeding you lunch and they both marveled at how much you’ve grown since the last time they saw you.


We took a day trip to the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum and you had so much fun you didn’t even try to sleep during your normal nap time. We tried the Ergo and the stroller, but there was just so much to see! Of course, within seconds of driving home, you were out.

IMG_2613 copy

I love your knuckle dimples!

You started saying “dadadada…” a lot this month! You love your daddy and beeline to the door when he comes home from work.

IMG_2602 copy

We introduced your Lovie to you this month. We don’t have any pictures of you with it because we are trying to keep it as a “sleep only” comfort item. It manages to find its way to you during diaper changes and car rides, too, though. We just love how you bury your face in it whenever you are reunited. It serves as a signal to you that it’s bed time and you’re usually pretty happy about it. Other times, your naps are a bit of a struggle, but once asleep, you sleep well.

DSC_0344 copy

We took a road trip to Indiana to celebrate Daddy and Aunt Angie’s birthday towards the end of the month. You were content to be in the car as long as I stretched back to feed you pieces of cheese from the front seat.

We got to see Baba, Gigi, Grandpa, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Angie. You loved all of the attention and space to roam around.

DSC_0392 copy

You are a sweet little baby, Hayden Kate. Like most 8 month olds you just want to be loved, play when you’re awake and eat lots of yummy food.

Love, Mama (& Daddy)

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