Instagram Highlights: February 2013

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, these pictures are not new to you. But here’s a little more about them. Sometimes I need to be extra wordy. I give you our month of February in pictures…and lots of words to explain them:


This cake. One of my college roommates would bring these cakes to our house for various occasions. Her mom is an amazing baker and was even featured on their local news station. I am always so stressed out by televised cooking demonstrations. They are so rushed and I always feel so bad for the cook. But, Susie was great as always. Her cakes and other baked creations never disappoint. When I asked for the recipe years ago, I never imagined what a staple it would be in our house. It has become Analiese’s annual birthday cake and I hope that never changes. The icing, especially, is to die for. I thought I had all of the ingredients on hand, but I didn’t have plain cream cheese…only strawberry. So I gave it a whirl and it was still amazing. I added a few drops of pink food coloring to boost up the color.

Two of the seven rooms in the dollhouse were finished before we gave it to Analiese on her birthday. I adore the nursery. I used an assortment of scrap ribbons to make the banner. I debated on how to attach them to a string or twine and ultimately decided to thread a needle with embroidery thread and just hand sew them together. The bird cage “art” is actually a sample wallpaper from Anthropologie. Did you know that you can request samples for free? Now you do. Go request them! The furniture had been purchased for Analiese as a gift over the summer and I just spray painted it all white. This occurred in our garage during some of the coldest days in January. We put a space heater on for pretty much the whole day and I would sneak out for five minutes at a time to do each coat.

The “big people” room is really fun, too–mainly because that awesome little bed is in there. I made the quilt and pillows with scrap fabric and felt. The “light” is a knob from Hobby Lobby. The rug is a scrap of tweed fabric with the edges frayed. The photo of Hayden Kate and Analiese was printed as a photo, laminated, and hung on a little peg that I glued to the wall. The “flooring” is just a piece of laminated scrapbook paper.

The “office” and all of the other rooms are not nearly done yet, but Analiese seems to enjoy them just as well. The horse and deer “art”…Anthropologie wallpaper again.


Parker’s post-bathing ritual involves a lot of running back and forth and wiping himself all over the towels we lay on the ground. Analiese was enthralled with this whole ordeal and perched herself on the bed to get a good view of it all.

So, when we finally gave Analiese her doll house, she proceded to take every single item out of its assigned room and place it on the little ledge outside of the house. All that work and she just wants everything to be in a straight line on the floor. Awesome. Since then, we’ve brought some of her Duplo people and Calico Critters into the house and she’s getting the hang of the rooms. Sort of.

These two are such great playmates. I hope that they always make time to sprawl out on the floor at catch up on life, share secrets and dreams, pray, forgive, giggle…

Fresh flowers make a crummy day a little brighter. I have a sweet husband.


Analiese and I get to hang out for a few hours each morning when Hayden Kate takes her morning nap. Sometimes, we just take pictures of ourselves.

Our dear friend, Marcie, gave Analiese a set of three Minnie Mouse puzzles for her birthday and without any help, she put them all together. Little whiz kid, that one.

Along with a birthday comes a birthday party. And along with a birthday party comes a cute little ballerina craft for all of Analiese’s friends to decorate. What? That’s not a given? Well, unfortunately, the party and the craft have been put on hold. All of Analiese’s little girl friends were sick and so we rescheduled the party for April…which seems so far away, but the way we look at it…why not have a party in April!? Along with the balloons I have on hold at Party City and the cupcakes that are in the freezer, I will resurrect these little craft-stick ballerinas and Analiese’s girl friends will decorate their tutus with stickers.

Once the basement project was complete, we rearranged some rooms upstairs. We no longer dine in the dining area, so the awkward chandelier got replaced with this trellised one. I love it.


Uncle Ryan and Aunt Angie got Analiese a doctor’s kit for her birthday. She LOVES checking us all out. Her favorite thing (aside from listening to Hayden Kate’s bottom) is to look in our ears with whatever that tool is and saying, “Wax!”

Hayden Kate learned to crawl this month! She had been up on all fours for what seemed like weeks and weeks, shifting back and forth, back and forth. And then one day…she just got up and moved. It was so exciting! We really didn’t use a baby gate with Analiese at all. I was very intentional about keeping her away from the stairs in the kitchen and she soon enough avoided them on her own. But with two kids…I can’t guarantee I’ll have one eye on her at all times. And wouldn’t you know that she manages to find her way to those steps when I’m chopping veggies or washing dishes and I have .2 seconds to switch gears, swoop her up and avoid a bad accident. Up goes the baby gate.

At their last visit, Ross’s parents left a big pink box to be opened on Valentine’s Day. Lots of fun, girly, crafting goodies.

So, we invited a friend over to enjoy the box with us. Elyse and Analiese were born about a month apart. They have strikingly different personalities. But at the heart, they are very much alike in that they love having friends to play with and they love to make each other laugh. They also both have mamas who envy their kids’ stylish clothing. The crafting lasted for about three minutes. Elyse’s mom made a very nice Valentine.


The curse of a small kitchen (and dishwasher for that matter) is that this is what your counters look like when you make a meal that requires lots of dishes. I really don’t mind washing dishes. But the pile of drying dishes makes me a little coo-coo. I’m one of those people who almost always puts dishes away before I go to bed. The sink must be empty of dirty dishes, too.

Analiese can be so quirky some times. This used to be Ross’s rocking chair and Analiese loves to sit and rock in it. We will find her like this many times a day…just sitting and reading, legs crossed.

On this particular morning, Analiese slept in an hour and a half later than she usually does. Hayden Kate and I had the morning to ourselves to play on the rug quietly.

And then, one day I decided to give Analiese bangs. It was completely spur of the moment with zero planning. I just started cutting and she was ok with it. I think they’re really cute on her and everyone keeps saying how much older she looks…or that she looks like me. Which makes sense. I am quite a bit older than her.


I love watching her sleep. She’s just so peaceful, even with Analiese and her bedtime routine happening in the background.

Ross is the playful one of the two of us…by leaps and bounds. He often tells me, “I don’t know how you get anything else done when the girls are awake.” Well, my dear, you probably won’t find me on the floor with them the entire time. I love that he is, though. These girls love their daddy and the way he plays with them.

This was the beginning stages of the Pinterest Challenge.

And this was the after. I realize that we haven’t really shown off the basement since it was finished. In fact, the last post was about the carpet being installed. We’ve moved a lot of stuff down there, but we’re only now starting to decorate and put some finishing touches on it. One of these days we’ll get around to taking some pictures and writing another update on it.


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