Hayden Kate: 10 Months

This is so very late! 

10 months

Dear Hayden Kate,

This first year of yours keeps flying by. Here we are in the middle of May. Although I’m disappointed that this update is so late, it’s always fun for me to sift through pictures after some time has passed to see how you’ve grown and changed.


These updates are bittersweet for me. The sweetness floods in with those bright blue eyes, more and more teeth in your big, open mouth smile and milestones like pulling yourself up, which you mastered this month. And then, of course, the bitter part of it all is that my little baby is growing up. Less nursing, getting around on your own and feeding yourself are all things that we celebrate with you, but also make me long for those newborn days of complete reliance on your mama (and daddy, too!).

DSC_0590 copy

As you practiced your new ability to stand up, you also experienced lots of falls. You almost gave yourself a black eye one day!

In addition to that contagious smile and laugh of yours, you’ve been learning how to make lots of new sounds. Some we’re not too fond of: a squishy face paired with a nasally whine. And some we love to hear over and over and over: “buh buh buh buh” or “ma ma ma ma” or “da da da da” or a low “hiiii” with a wave.

Speaking of that daddy of yours…we replaced your night time feeding with reading a story from the Jesus Storybook Bible. In the quiet of your daddy’s arms, you are so peaceful and content. I just love watching you unwind as he reads to you.


We finally had some spring-like weather which got us out of the house and to the park. You LOVE riding in the wagon. You also like the swing for about five minutes and then you’re ready to get out. You’d love it if we’d let you eat the wood chips.


We took a road trip to North Carolina and you slept thru the entire over-night drive there. We fell into our typical routine while we were away, but loved exploring Charlotte, Davidson and Cornelius. We used our Ann Arbor Hand’s On Museum membership to get into Discovery Place, which you and Analiese enjoyed.


You were so loud as you crawled around freely to explore all of the different toys and activities.


There was a mini aquarium!


We visited a few nearby parks…



and got to spend lots of time with the bride-to-bed, Allie!


You met lots of extended family at all of the wedding related activities. I love seeing your unique personality begin to show. You can be quite shy, but we think it’s adorable how you hide your face away with a coy smile.

DSC_0196 copy

You really like all of your big sister’s toys, especially her dolls. Your favorite is the one that has eyes that open and close. You pick at those eyes over and over again!


You also started waving to people and when you hear keywords like “hi” and “bye”. You’re learning to be a little person with so many unique personality traits…we love them all!

Love, Mama (and Daddy)


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  1. Thankyou Heather and Ross for the beautiful pictures of the girls. I love Analieses bangs. She looks so grown up and of course Haden Kate is really a bundle of joy. Too bad that we are so far apart but the pictures do help. Take care. Love Nana

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