Hayden Kate: 11 Months

11 months

Dear Hayden Kate,

The beginning of May brought warm and sunny weather. We were outside almost every day, which was great, but also challenging given your I-want-to-crawl-everywhere-even-on-concrete stage. Don’t get me wrong, we think it’s great that you are on the move, but we want to protect your little knees! You don’t mind the grass, but your big sister is usually doing something super exciting on the drive way and you must be a part of it.

IMG_3011 copy

On some of the really warm days we got the pool out and you loved all of the new toys that came along with that. You especially loved chewing on the pool noodles. I especially loved you in this cute bathing suit!

You had your first taste of ice cream from Dairy-Go-Round, too!

DSC_0100 copy

You’ve become quite verbal. “Mamamama” and “Daddy” are natural first words, but my favorite is when you greet us in the morning with a long and low “Hiiiiii.” You’re pretty good at reading the signs and know when to wave hello or goodbye to someone, too.

You also talk to yourself in your crib before and after you fall asleep. You love your lovie and bury your face into it when it’s nap time, but you also have started to throw it overboard as a last ditch effort to get us to come into your room one¬†five more times. Clearly, it works.

DSC_0331 copy

You’ve always been a good eater, but you’re starting to be a little picky about what goes in your mouth. You mostly want to eat bread and bread alone. But thank heavens, you seem to be capping yourself at a normal amount of food for an eleven month old now.

DSC_0007 copy

Gigi came for a visit with the new puppy and we went to Ikea for lunch and then played at the house with her. You liked having two dogs to play with! You know which ones are their toys and hold them out for them to take.

DSC_0017 copy

I almost forgot that you had your first real cold this month. You were a trooper through all of the runny/stuffy nose maintenance. Not fun. Let’s not repeat anytime soon.

You learned to climb the stairs and you discovered the fun sound that happens when we pat your mouth with our hands and you say “ahhhhh”. You’re cute, HK.

IMG_3062 copy

We also battled through a nap transition this month. It just seemed so early for you to be ready for only one nap every day, but there were many signs that led us to believe it was the right time (mainly early night wakings and resisting your morning nap). It was hard to know how to get you back on track, but it was a weekend with Nana and Poppa that settled it.

IMG_3095 copy

With company here, we found ourselves out and about so you took short morning naps in the stroller while we were at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and church on Sunday. You were then ready for a longer afternoon nap and continued to sleep well at night. A few days later, you dropped the morning nap all together and we’ve found ourselves with a so much time in the morning now!

IMG_3099 copy

These are the things you did this month — your developmental news and accomplishments. But let’s not end this without acknowledging how much we have loved getting to know you these past eleven months. You bring a new joy to our family. We are greeted with a smile every single morning and you give us the gift of sleep every single night. You make all of us laugh at the dinner table. You are sweet, strong, and spunky and we love every chubby inch of you.

Love, Mama (& Daddy)

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  1. All so true. Hayden Kate is such a sweet and entertaining 11 month old! Love all my Chasey girls!

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