The Tethered Crate

Well, it’s certainly been quite some time since I’ve shown up here. The fall is busy. Life is busy. Forgive me for my absence and this random reemergence into the blog world.

I wanted to announce that I’m blogging over at The Tethered Crate today. Have you heard about this fantastic way to check out the handmade world?


What’s The Tethered Crate?

The Tethered Crate offers its members monthly shipments of goods from respected contributors within the handmade community. Each crate will include 3-5 items, and every month will be different. For only $19.95 subscribers receive double that value in items like jewelry, headbands, prints, stationery, and other products. It’s a way to experience the latest and greatest from your favorite designers every month for a great price.

Well, that’s pretty great. What’s the heart behind it?

[The Tethered Crate] wants to expand the handmade market, giving handmade artists an outlet to reach new customers. We also want to give loyal supporters as well as new customers a way to experience the best of the handmade market. The Tethered Crate also desires to connect hand and heart by joining the handmade community to significant causes. We will highlight different charities benefiting humanity, and a portion of all our proceeds will go to funding their causes.

So, why are you blogging over there?

That’s the exciting part. I am honored to be a November contributor! 50 subscribers to The Tethered Crate will receive a little goody from my Etsy shop, pipe|up. And readers of The Tethered Crate will have access to a discount, too!

I love how the Lord works. I met The Tethered Crate’s co-creator, Jessi, through a college friend way back in 2003. Last year when I was scouring the masses of Etsy shops for baby headbands, I came across hers. She has an insane sense of fashion and her words on her blog, Suzie Studios, cut to the soul. Seriously, just read it. You’ll be glad you did.

Come visit me over at The Tethered Crate!

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