Road Trip Weekend

Thank goodness for weddings. In addition to celebrating the joy of marriage with our friends, weddings also allow us to visit with people we don’t get to see on a regular basis. We definitely miss our college pals. (and late night Steak n’ Shake runs!) What will bring us together once we’ve passed this stage in our lives? I hope its something brilliantly fun.

Last weekend we celebrated with Stephen Cuffey and his new wife, Kass. They were married earlier this month in Prague!

We also got to see Dan and Lindsay Neuman’s new house in Indianapolis – very nice (we’re very jealous of your short commute to work!). Thanks for letting us stay at your house…and for crashing in your hotel room!

Those of you who know me well know that I love the idea of traveling to different places. However, I don’t particular enjoy the actual traveling part. Especially long car rides. In my mind, I need to be in a place long enough to merit the drive that got us there. So, on our way back from Illinois and Indianapolis, we went to the lake for a few days. Four day weekends are the way to go.

Celebrating Pat’s birthday. (Ross works at Ford. Pat has a Mustang.)

Slaloming…together…I’m not particularly fond of this picture, but I think it captures the way I was feeling about the experience. Naturally, Ross looks like a stud who trusts his wife very much even though she doesn’t have very much control over that ski on her feet. I managed.

We’ll be at summer camp tomorrow with the kids!

The Weekly Parker

I really enjoy my mornings with Parker. Depending on the kind of activity the day before brought, he’s either very sleepy and cuddly or ready to play and on guard. This is his spot. (He actually has quite a few “spots” in the living room – each comfortably adorned with an oversized Nate Berkus pillow – He’s very brand oriented.) He makes sure everything is going the way the it should on Adams Street.


Somehow Ross not going to the gym one morning each week so we can have a morning together quickly turned into us getting up early together to run. I did not sign up for this. However, I do have new running shoes (is that not THE perfect gift from H. Ross Chasey, or what?). I suppose I should use them.

The Weekly Parker

We get to see Parker every day. He makes us laugh and brings so much joy to our lives. We thought we’d start a weekly blog entry that includes a picture of Parker – past and present. We hope he makes you smile. :)

To start it off, let’s go back to the very beginning (“…a very good place to start…” Ross has been singing the tune of “So Long, Farewell” all day. Apparently, one song from The Sound of Music puts them all in your head!). Anyway…this is Parker at 7 weeks old. The picture doesn’t show how small he was, but it does show his cuteness! You’ll see that he’s in an open yard with no leash. We’ve digressed in that area – the last time we took his leash off outside he bolted. It’ll be a while until we try that again.