2012 Pinterest Challenge: Fall Edition

I didn’t officially announce that I was participating in this one, but it just so happened that I started a project that I had pinned months ago the same day that Sherry and Katie announced it was Pinterest Challenge time again. So, I figured I had the perfect motivation to not only start the project, […]

Basement Progress: Chocolate Covered Ceiling

In our last basement update, we left you with a series of pictures that showed everything all wrapped up in plastic to protect our primed walls from being sprayed with paint. It’s a good thing we took that preventative measure because this was the aftermath of said paint: Doesn’t it look like a scene right […]

Basement Progress: Sanded, Primed and Sprayed

Last time, we left you with rather “pimply”  looking walls and the determination to get those said walls just the way we wanted them before we applied primer. Both the guy who installed the dry wall and others who have  had dry wall installed in their own homes said that sanding can be done post primer. […]

Basement Progress: All Walled Up

If you’ve followed our very sporadic and slow process of remodeling our basement, you may recall when we first began, started tackling some of the nitty gritty issues, got new windows, and began building frames for the walls. It’s been quite an adventure with a few emotional ups and downs, but Ross termed it as […]