Design Board: Golden & Cozy Family Room

A few weeks ago, a friend (who’s also friends with this friend) asked me to help her update her family room in preparation to put their house on the market. This is the first room potential buyers would see and Andie knew it needed to make a great first impression. I stopped by (with my […]

Tutorial: Custom Bumper Ties

As with everything else we did ourselves for Analiese’s nursery, I couldn’t just buy a bumper and call it a day. I had some left over fabric from the other projects and decided to make the ties coordinate with the other Heather Bailey items. Here’s how I did it: { 1. buy a bumper and […]

Tutorial: Asymmetrical Frame Collage

There’s a unique challenge to hanging framed photos and artwork correctly. A single frame is somewhat easy to center properly, but when you’re working with multiple frames, it can be difficult to line them up the way you want. Personally, I don’t have a very good eye when it comes to measuring things. When I […]