2013 Pinterest Challenge: Winter Edition

Once I saw the announcement for the next Pinterest Challenge from Katie and Sherry (along with their other co-hosts, Megan from The Remodeled Life and Michelle from Decor & The Dog), I had one week to start and finish a project I had been wanting to do. Great motivation! I’ve had this rustic wooden tray that I love (from […]

The Garage

A few weeks ago, I posted this Instagram: Your days are numbered, ugly red garage. When this photo was taken, Ross had already taken off the shutters and rotting trim that was there. With the holiday weekend and his every-other-Friday-off work schedule, we had two three-day weekends to get ‘er done. It required a lot […]

Basement Progress: Chocolate Covered Ceiling

In our last basement update, we left you with a series of pictures that showed everything all wrapped up in plastic to protect our primed walls from being sprayed with paint. It’s a good thing we took that preventative measure because this was the aftermath of said paint: Doesn’t it look like a scene right […]