The Garage

A few weeks ago, I posted this Instagram: Your days are numbered, ugly red garage. When this photo was taken, Ross had already taken off the shutters and rotting trim that was there. With the holiday weekend and his every-other-Friday-off work schedule, we had two three-day weekends to get ‘er done. It required a lot […]

Basement Progress: Sanded, Primed and Sprayed

Last time, we left you with rather “pimply”  looking walls and the determination to get those said walls just the way we wanted them before we applied primer. Both the guy who installed the dry wall and others who have  had dry wall installed in their own homes said that sanding can be done post primer. […]

A Not-So-Perfect Terra Cotta Pot Makeover

I’ve had unused terra cotta pots sitting in our garage for a long time. For a while, I thought I’d use them on the front porch as is, but then I thought they might look better if I painted them. I quickly referenced a tutorial (thank, John and Sherry!) and picked up some supplies: I […]

House Work: 2nd Floor Before and After

We can’t say it’s completely finished, but it’s close enough. Still to do: touch up paint and trim, install window coverings, stain the stair rail/paint the spindles, purchase vent covers, install bathroom hardware and decide on cabinet knobs. Before After Here’s are a few shots taken from the same angles:  We can’t wait to move […]

House Work: Help from the Olsens

It feels good to be productive. I am a task oriented person and love to check things off of my list whether it’s in my head or down on paper. It’s exhilarating. You other Type A’s know what I’m talking about. This weekend we had two extra sets of hands to help with the first of […]