Dude, get on that already!

We haven’t been very present on the blog lately. Just busy doing mothering and life stuff. I don’t really like to use the term “busy” because most everyone can say that they’ve been busy doing something. Our lives have been full. How’s that? In the midst of working on the basement, potty training (a topic […]

Analiese’s First Year (Video Montage)

This is one of those things that I wanted to get done by Analiese’s first birthday, but didn’t. I worked on it this past weekend and finally figured out how to upload it through Vimeo. It’s long. You’ve been warned. But it’s so sweet and such a great reminder of the best year of our lives. The music […]

Family Love

I saw this photo layout on Under the Sycamore and thought it would be a fun way to post some recent pictures of our own. We were in Cincinnati a few weekends ago and got to spend time with Analiese’s Nana, Poppa, Uncle Erik and Uncle Greg. We went to a park one day and […]

Tutorial: Custom Bumper Ties

As with everything else we did ourselves for Analiese’s nursery, I couldn’t just buy a bumper and call it a day. I had some left over fabric from the other projects and decided to make the ties coordinate with the other Heather Bailey items. Here’s how I did it: { 1. buy a bumper and […]