Basement Progress: All Walled Up

If you’ve followed our very sporadic and slow process of remodeling our basement, you may recall when we first began, started tackling some of the nitty gritty issues, got new windows, and began building frames for the walls. It’s been quite an adventure with a few emotional ups and downs, but Ross termed it as […]

Basement Progress: The Nitty Gritty Down Under

When Ross removed the wood paneling from the walls, it left a ton of nail holes in the cinderblocks that needed to be patched. Since we’re planning to put up drywall, we weren’t too concerned with how they looked, but we wanted to have a smooth surface to paint when we applied the masonry waterproofer. […]

House Work: 2nd Floor Before and After

We can’t say it’s completely finished, but it’s close enough. Still to do: touch up paint and trim, install window coverings, stain the stair rail/paint the spindles, purchase vent covers, install bathroom hardware and decide on cabinet knobs. Before After Here’s are a few shots taken from the same angles:  We can’t wait to move […]